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July 2008

Romantic are those generous, sensitive dreamers. Romantic are those who understand that love is the engine that makes the world work and that romanticism is the spark that starts everything.

This is a webpage for those who believe that the difference between a bored couple and a passionate one is in the little (and big) details that make life better. Here you will find a great variety of wonderful ideas to surprise and make happy those people that are special for you.

Come on, move your mind and move yourself so that magic is the only possible rutine that exists in your life.

By the way, dont forget to register in our website. We are working in a forum where you will find many romantic souls eager to share experiences with you. If you wish to be informed of the new ideas that appear in the page and to be notified when the forum is ready, please, send us a blank email to the following adress with the subject BEROMANTICO.